Chris Bennett

Fabricated Box

Escort Services

Over a period of time, we transported about 25 of these fabricated boxes, known as Cold Boxes, from Wrexham to Acrefair, a direct journey of 4 miles.  However, because of route restrictions, this often meant a trip of some 25 miles, taking 8 hours,  heading out towards Whitchurch, before doubling back around Wrexham and into Air Products at Acrefair.  These were usually loaded on a Friday and moved on a Saturday, the job usually taking around eight hours to complete.  The boxes were manufactured on stools which enabled our trailer to be backed underneath. 

The largest of these boxes was 25 feet x 25 feet and was 110 feet long and weighed 60 tonnes.  The roads had to be blocked off completely ahead of the load by upto five police vehicles, and immediately ahead of our vehicle engineers from Manweb and British Telecom would have to remove overhead cables to enable the box to pass unhindered. Tree surgeons were also on hand.

Heavy Haulage Vehicle on the move Chris Bennett's Escort Service