Chris Bennett Heavy Haulage are proud to offer the highest standards of cargo services, to ensure that all our cargo transport reaches its destination safely and efficiently.

Good cargo handling begins from the moment of pickup, even before the shipment is loaded onto the truck, and continues right through to the point of delivery.

It’s not just about tying or tarping down a lorry load before setting off – it’s about choosing the right kind of cargo transport for the shipment and putting the safe delivery of the goods at the forefront of decision-making.

What is cargo?

Cargo is anything shipped from one place to another. Businesses use all different kinds of materials, from goods that come in individual units, to bulk products like powders and liquids.

The right kind of cargo transport is crucial to getting goods to their destination without causing any damage or loss of purity and value.

The 5 main types of cargo

In general, shipments can be divided into five main types of cargo:

  • Containers
  • Dry Bulk Cargo
  • Liquid Bulk Cargo
  • Break Bulk
  • Roll-On Roll-Off

At Chris Bennett Heavy Haulage, we are always careful to consider the type of cargo being shipped, when making important decisions about the vehicles, methods and route we take.

What does cargo transport involve?

Cargo transport can involve different methods of transport, including road, rail, air and sea freight.

When we move goods by road, there are three main stages involved:

  1. Loading: Goods can be lifted by hiab crane or forklift truck, or by hand if this is the most appropriate option.
  2. Transport: We select the most suitable vehicle from our fleet of 65 specialist road haulage vehicles, which are FORS Gold accredited for London haulage deliveries.
  3. Unloading: Again, we unload materials safely, and our vehicles have built-in lifting equipment to allow us to do this.

Haulage is by definition an end-to-end process, and it’s important to put as much focus on the ends as on the middle, for safe cargo shipments from A to B.

Who needs cargo handling?

Businesses of all sizes need to ship cargo at one time or another, and many companies in manufacturing, utilities, oil & gas – among others – face a significant ongoing need for road haulage services.

Chris Bennett work regularly with very large organisations, to handle continuing imports, exports and domestic transportation of cargo by road.

We can organise heavy, wide and other abnormal loads, liaising with local authorities and police to gain the necessary permissions for the route, along with any required road closures and rolling roadblocks.

For small businesses, we can also provide one-off road haulage, so please contact us if you have goods you need to transport.

About Chris Bennett Heavy Haulage

You can find more details about Chris Bennett, our road haulage fleet and our cargo transport services on our website.

If you have any questions about any of our cargo services, or you’d like to make an enquiry about an upcoming road haulage consignment you’d like us to handle for you, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.