Chris Bennett Heavy Haulage are poised for action to help support the UK aerospace industry during a period of potentially rapid growth.

The dual impacts of Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic, along with geopolitical concerns in other parts of the world, have put many industries’ focus back on the UK for domestic manufacture.

Minister of State Conor Burns MP recently paid a visit to Exact Group, an engineering firm based in Newry in Northern Ireland.

During the visit, Exact’s managing director Stephen Cromie explained: “The last two years presented many challenges, but also highlighted issues with not only logistics, but stock availability.

“This in turn has caused many organisations to look for other like-minded organisations to ensure their supply chain is future proofed.”

He added that aerospace is one such supply chain, where many organisations in the industry are seeking “valued and trusted partners that are not based in a low-cost country”.

Chris Bennett Heavy Haulage in the Aerospace Sector

Chris Bennett Heavy Haulage has years of experience serving the UK aerospace sector, not only in transporting parts and other goods during manufacture – both domestically and via import – but also during maintenance of existing aircraft.

Our convenient location is just two minutes off the M60 at Junction 25 Bredbury Interchange, and 20 minutes from Manchester International Airport.

The restrictions on both domestic and international travel during the pandemic highlighted just how connected the modern world is – and why it is more crucial than ever for aircraft of all types and sizes to be constructed, maintained and serviced quickly and efficiently.

As we move into a newly disrupted future, UK aerospace companies face the question of whether (and how much) to import from continental Europe, the United States and other industrial economies across the world.

With the balance between imports and domestic manufacture shifted by the pandemic, as well as the increased difficulty of imports from the EU post-Brexit, Chris Bennett Heavy Haulage are here to provide the road haulage services you need in either case.

How can Chris Bennett help?

At Chris Bennett Heavy Haulage, we have provided road haulage services to the UK’s biggest industries for many years, including wide loads, other abnormal loads and escort vehicles.

We have a well-established relationship with local authorities, police and other organisations whose permission is needed when transporting unusually large or heavy loads, as is often required during aerospace road haulage.

We can also transport smaller components in protected conditions – such as delivering aircraft seating inside the protective cover of a curtainsider trailer.

Our road haulage services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to get your goods to their destination when you need them, and our shipments are carried under RHA 1998 conditions with the option of enhanced insurance for high-value consignments.

You can view more details of our fleet and trailers on this website, or make an enquiry online, by emailing, or by phoning our Manchester number, 0161 406 8466.