FORS accreditation is a voluntary programme, full name the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme, which certifies operators who commit to exemplary levels of safety, efficiency and environmental protection.

It’s not just for road haulage, but includes all kinds of fleets, from vans and HGVs, to passenger vehicles like buses and coaches, as well as fleet cars and motorcycles.

There are several levels of FORS accreditation. The highest is FORS Gold, which includes all of the criteria of FORS Bronze and Silver, along with some additional high-level requirements.

FORS accreditation is subject to annual review, and fleet operators must continue to adhere to the stringent criteria in order to keep their FORS Gold status.


FORS accreditation in London

FORS accreditation is particularly important when choosing road haulage in London, as it is a mandatory requirement on major construction projects in the capital such as Crossrail and Tideway.

Chris Bennett (Heavy Haulage) Ltd were among the first haulage companies to achieve FORS Gold accreditation, allowing us to deliver to sites in the capital with the highest expectations of safety standards and operational efficiency.

By working closely with FORS, we also ensure that our FORS Gold status remains in place after each annual review, while adapting to changing legislation and ever-higher safety and environmental expectations.


How we comply with FORS

All Chris Bennett road haulage vehicles are equipped with a vehicle compliance kit, which helps to make them safer when out on the roads and when performing manoeuvres such as reversing and turning around.

The kit includes simple safety measures that can have a significant impact on visibility all around the vehicle:

  • Fresnel lenses to improve visibility into the vehicle’s blind spot
  • Side scan detection and warning systems
  • Reversing sensors and proximity alarms

With these relatively straightforward systems installed, we are able to carry out road haulage operations efficiently, delivering more quickly to busy job sites without putting personnel at risk.


Don’t get turned around

We have seen many other road haulage operators and their clients get caught out by the increasingly strict expectations on projects like Tideway and Crossrail.

In the most extreme examples – and this is not especially uncommon – deliveries may be rejected and goods returned to sender under Crossrail’s zero-tolerance policy.

Because Chris Bennett (Heavy Haulage) Ltd are Crossrail compliant, backed up by our valid and current FORS Gold accreditation, we are in a position to handle deliveries across the capital, including Crossrail and Tideway contracts, without the risk of being turned away.


Find out more

If you are working on a job in the capital and would like to know more about our FORS accredited road haulage in London, please get in touch with Chris Bennett Heavy Haulage today to let us know what you need.

Equally, if you work in another part of the country and want the benefits and peace of mind of using a FORS accredited haulage company, we welcome enquiries from anywhere on the mainland.

We provide a full start-to-finish road freight service, and can negotiate with local authorities to transport wide and abnormal loads, including road closures and support vehicles – everything you need to get your goods from A to B.