Low loader trucks play an important role in the Chris Bennett Heavy Haulage fleet, as some of our trailers are capable of carrying the largest loads.

A low loader trailer gets its name from its low deck height, which not only allows for easier loading, but also reduces the overall height of the cargo.

This means low loader transport can carry cargo up to 12 feet tall, while still coming in under the legal limits on road haulage height.

If you’re looking for low loader transport near you, give Chris Bennett a call and we can dispatch one of our trucks to get your goods from A to B.

Benefits of low loader trucks

Our fleet of low loaders for hire means that you never need to wait too long to send your road freight, while also giving you access to multiple other benefits of low loader transport:

  •         Lower deck height means less lifting to load cargo
  •         Reduced cargo height means no need for abnormal load permissions
  •         Keep cargo below clearance height for low bridges en route

If you’re worried about low bridges and over-height clearances, we can help. Our team has years of experience driving delivery routes across the northwest, and we can advise on a route free from unexpected obstacles.

What is a semi-low loader?

Semi-low loader trucks are connected directly to a lorry cab or ‘tractor unit’. The trailer has no front axle and is ‘semi’ supported only by its rear wheels, hence the name.

In the UK, the combination of a tractor unit and a semitrailer is commonly known as an articulated lorry, and these are seen widely out on public roads and motorways.

‘Artics’ can be easier to steer in reverse, making them a good option for deliveries to locations with limited turning space for departure, as well as being quite easy to uncouple if the trailer is to be left behind.

Semitrailers typically have retractable legs at the front end. Once parked, these can be extended to support the front weight of the trailer, leaving it steady and stable when the cab is uncoupled.

Low loaders and other truck types

Low loaders are just one of the many different haulage vehicles we have in our fleet at Chris Bennett Heavy Haulage, along with beavertail trucks which are very close to the ground for roll-on loading, and trailers with built-in cranes and lifting equipment.

Together they enable us to transport different types of loads and accommodate clients whether or not you have your own lifting equipment for loading and unloading.

You can find out more details about all the different trailers we use on our website, along with further information about the dimensions and loads of each vehicle in our fleet.

Get in touch

If you have a road haulage consignment you need to move, or you’re planning some upcoming road freight transport and need guidance on the best route to take and the best types of trailers to use, we’re here to help.

Contact Chris Bennett Heavy Haulage today and we’ll soon have your shipment en route from A to B, tied down safe and secure on the very best trailer for the job.