Escort vehicles play an important role in protecting abnormal loads – which can include very large vehicles, but also in some cases where appropriate, wide loads that overhang the bed of the vehicle on which they are transported.

In any case, unusual road vehicles can benefit from having escort vehicles to help them navigate challenging routes and to alert other road users to the need for extra vigilance or a wider berth when overtaking. A prime example of this might be a vehicle that takes up only slightly more than one lane on a motorway; escort vehicles can alert other drivers to the fact that part of the second lane is also blocked, to avoid passing cars or trucks clipping the edge of the load.

Chris Bennett escort vehicles are maintained to a high standard and carry all of the appropriate equipment in line with current legislation, both to reduce the risks of an incident occurring and to deal with the situation if a fellow road user fails to respond to the warnings. We provide the drivers for all of our escort vehicles, and they are fully trained and well versed in the Code of Practice for escorting unusual loads, as laid out by the Highways Agency.

Our service doesn’t just cover the journey itself though – our escort vehicle drivers are also able to assist when loading and unloading the main vehicle, and are experienced in using power-steered trailers too. Chris Bennett escort vehicles can be hired on a daily basis to help protect wide loads and other abnormal heavy haulage shipments.

We can also advise on liaising with the police on any extremely large loads or particularly challenging routes, where you might need road closures and diversions, or police assistance in controlling traffic at busy junctions while a slow load makes its way through. Not all large loads need abnormal vehicles – we may be able to recommend a heavy haulage truck from our fleet that can carry your shipment without any need for escort vehicles.

To find out more about our fleet and how we can help get your goods safely from A to B on the most appropriate truck, with suitable escort vehicles for wide loads, contact Chris Bennett Heavy Haulage today.