Road haulage operators cover a lot of miles and, for the most part, we go where our customers need us to.

Of course there are some exceptions; extremely heavy haulage, wide loads and other unusual deliveries sometimes have to follow a designated route agreed with local authorities, usually accompanied by escort vehicles.

But in general, it’s about taking the fastest route from A to B to get goods delivered on time, or even ahead of schedule.

Here are a few of the most unusual UK haulage journeys that can cause a hiccup for haulage companies that aren’t so familiar with regional roads…

Middlewich to Nantwich

Cheshire haulage firms face some quite unusual features on the region’s roads, but overhead canals are one of the weirdest.

Follow the A530 south from Middlewich towards Nantwich and you’ll soon encounter one of these with a height restriction of 11′ 6″ (3.5m) at the highest point of the arched bridge.

Traffic is controlled by traffic lights to allow taller vehicles to move across to the middle of the carriageway, but it’s still a challenge for drivers of relatively small haulage vans and LGVs.

Corbridge to Otterburn

Look at the A68 on a map and you might think it’s the perfect way to get road haulage from Corbridge to Otterburn, in the area just north-west of Newcastle upon Tyne.

It’s a beautiful part of the country but the road is blighted by steep gradients, blind summits and occasional tight bends.

While it’s still the most direct route, the parallel A696 is a much easier drive for heavy haulage vehicles – a good example of how just a couple of miles can completely change a route.

Invergarry to Kinloch Hourn

A dead end is no haulier’s friend, but if you have to deliver from Invergarry to Kinloch Hourn, that’s exactly what you’ll face.

The route between the two spans 27 miles and once you turn off of the A87, the last 22 miles is a rough, narrow road that winds along Loch Garry and Loch Quoich to the tip of Loch Hourn.

Reputedly the UK’s longest no-through road, it’s subject to weight restrictions and tight passing places, and not for the faint-hearted haulage driver with a delivery for Lochhournhead.

Preston to Blackpool

The M55 covers the 12 miles between Preston and Blackpool and is an important route for Lancashire haulage companies.

In the summer season, the motorway is nothing unusual, with haulage firms and tourist traffic sharing its lanes – but that changes out of season.

As winter sets in and fewer cars drive to and from Blackpool, the M55 can feel quite eerie for HGV drivers, with a lot less overtaking traffic.

Call the experts

If you need to transport goods via the UK road network, it’s often better to call an expert haulage company, rather than attempt to drive a van or lorry yourself.

Professional, reliable haulage firms know which routes to avoid – and especially the train and canal bridges that can block the way – and can get your delivery to its destination safely, without any avoidable delay.

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