Chris Bennett

Beavertail Trucks

Beavertail trucks are named for their distinctive tail ramps - like a beavers tail, these are wide, flat, and low to the ground, serving as a ramp for vehicles or machinery to roll from ground level up and on to the back of the truck.

If you need a beavertail vehicle, we operate 6 x 2 Rigid, Beavertail lorries for the transportation of smaller items of plant equipment up to 14 tonnes.

For many small vehicles and wheeled equipment, they are the easiest method of loading it on to larger transport for relocation over long distances or at higher speeds, while they are also easier to unload once you reach your destination, so work or refuelling can begin without delay.

For maximum flexibility and adaptability, we can also supply a 30-foot rigid front-mounted crane with a beavertail body, suitable for a maximum carrying capacity of 12 tonnes, but with the benefit of the crane to assist in lifting items on and off of the truck, and therefore making loading and unloading easier in some instances.

For further information on our fleet of beavertail trucks, contact a representative at Chris Bennett (Heavy Haulage) Ltd today. 

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