Our crane trucks are a great option when it comes to lowering and removing Christmas trees once the holiday season comes to an end.

Many of the Christmas trees on display in outdoor public spaces are real, and even those that were felled from a forest just before being erected in their new home will have lost some of their condition by the time it comes to taking them down.

This makes it even more important to take precautions when lowering them and transporting them away for recycling and disposal – something our crane trucks are ideal for.

For the largest trees, our lorry mounted crane vehicle has a more than sufficient capacity of 65 tonnes and a vehicle length of up to around 45 feet, making it easy to drop your Christmas tree from its current position with a good amount of control, and then take it away on the trailer.

Our smaller rigid mounted crane vehicles can carry up to 10 tonnes and a length of around 26 feet, ideal for smaller Christmas trees or to lift and remove sections of trunk if your tree has already been lowered and carved into smaller chunks.

We have a range of other road haulage vehicles too, so if you have other Christmas fixtures to transport – for example, Christmas decorations or lights that are also due to come down as the holidays draw to a close – we’re likely to have the right kind of vehicle for your needs.

It’s unusual for Christmas haulage contracts to involve oversized loads but we can accommodate those too, if you have any extremely large items to transport, with our fleet of escort vehicles to help keep your cargo safe from passing traffic en route.

Get in touch as soon as possible with any enquiries as the holiday period can be extremely busy with different people working different days or taking time off – and we will always do our best to work around any days on which your own offices are due to be closed.