Chris Bennett

Morrisons "M"

Heavy Haulage | Crane Vehicles

This was a unique sculpture created for Morrison’s new supermarket in East Manchester.  It was designed to represent a press previously manufactured on the same site.  Made out of aluminium, it weighed 10 tonnes, was 30 feet high and 40 feet long.  It was loaded on to one of our Nooteboom 3 axle low loaders by two cranes.  The sculpture was transported the four miles from Openshaw to the site on a Sunday morning at 9am, the journey taking approximately an hour.  The road outside the supermarket had to be closed while the load was steered into position.  A large crowd gathered to watch such an unusual delivery taking place, along with the local press.  

Heavy Haulage Vehicle transporting "M" Heavy Haulage Vehicle Morrison's "M"