Following a week of traffic incidents involving high-sided heavy haulage vehicles, it’s a good time to put low loader hire in the spotlight as an alternative way of transporting appropriate goods from A to B safely in all kinds of weather conditions.

Because they do not have high solid sides, low loaders can often be used in more adverse weather conditions than other heavy haulage vehicles, and even relatively tall cargo should be less affected by strong winds than a solid high side on the trailer would be.

Our low loader hire services give you access to a versatile fleet of extendable and semi low loaders, flat bed trailers and beam trailers too – which together should cater for a broad range of different needs, without you facing the cost of buying a vehicle of your own.

With up to six and seven axles per trailer, this is road haulage built for extreme conditions, and should be able to find enough grip on wet and even icy roads, ensuring that your deliveries stay on route and on schedule even when your competitors cannot get through the weather conditions.

We don’t just offer flatbed trailer hire; we also have rigid flatbed trucks available from 18 feet to 30 feet, with front or rear mounted cranes, and with the option of a beaver tail truck body.

Combined with the on board winch or crane, a beaver tail truck should be easy to load securely in relatively poor weather, and may potentially prove useful in recovering machinery that has become bogged down in soft ground and has proved difficult to dig out using other means.

If in any doubt, just ask and we can advise you on the best vehicle for your needs, both in terms of the job you are aiming to carry out, and the conditions under which you expect to be working.